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Mebak Sterile Saline Piercing Aftercare Swabs

Mebak Sterile Saline Piercing Aftercare Swabs

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Item Type: Ear Care

Mebak Sterile Saline Piercing Aftercare Swabs, Piercing Cleaning Solution Swabs for Ear Nose Belly Body Piercings, Effective Cleaner to Soothe Irritated Piercing Bumbs-Saline Cotton Swabs


  • Medicated Swabs-Helps heal your piercing, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection Easy to apply cleanser promotes a natural healing process to treat irritation caused by earrings.

  • For Pierced Ears- No need to pull, rub or fiddle with your new piercing, which may aggravate it. Our sea salt swabs for ears and nose piercings comes in a pack of convenient swab applicators. Simply snap cotton q tip at the blue line to release the solution into the tip and apply directly to the piercing site.

  • Protects & Thoroughly Cleans -Effectively clean and sanitize before, during and after piercings for a quick recovery. Sodium chloride acts as a protective barrier and a natural cleaning aid.

  • Assist The Recovery Process - Keep your piercings on the steady path to healing. Our piercing cleaning swabs contain an isotonic saline solution which promotes natural and normal healing.

  • Safe and Sterile-A saline-based formula with natural ingredients that soothe and help prevent infection.

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