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Hearing Aids Audifonos T12 for Deafness

Hearing Aids Audifonos T12 for Deafness

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sound aid: Sound Amplifier


is_customized: Yes

hearing aids digital: Ear Hearing Aid

hearing aid wireless: Portable Hearing Aid

hearing aid for elderly: Ear Hearing

ear aid: Dightal Hearing Aid

Working current: 1.36mA

Model Number: LWD-C-C2B

Host Size: 1.8cmx1.2cmx0.9cm

Hearing aids for deafness: Wireless Hearing Aid

Equivalent input noise: 27.6dB

Brand Name: jardin

Battery: 10A/a10

Hearing Aids Audifonos T12 for Deafness/Elderly Adjustable Micro

Wireless Mini Size Invisible Hearing Aid Ear Sound Amplifier




Product feature:

1.Intelligent Noise Reduction System(6dB)

2.Automatic Feedback Compression DFS System

3.Primary Wind Noise Suppression Management System

4.Primary Loud Sound Block

5.One Program

6.Automatic Gain Control-Output for Hearing Protection

7.Clear Listening,Rich Middle and High Frequency Sounds

8.Ultra-low Background Noise

9.Trimmer VC

10.Level 2 Intermediate Wind Noise Suppression Management System


Product Information:

Max saturation sound pressure level(SSPL):111dB

HFA-SSPL90: 107dB

Peak Gain :39dB

HFA Full-on Gain :34dB

Frequency range: 200Hz~7200Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):

F=500HZ 2% F=800H 1% F=1600H 0.4%

Working current:1.36mA

Material: Plastic

Host Size: 1.8cmx1.2cmx0.9cm

Net Weight: 0.3kg

Battery: A10

Compression rising time: 48ms

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