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Electric Knee, Elbow or Knee Massager USB Heating Vibration

Electric Knee, Elbow or Knee Massager USB Heating Vibration

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feature 9: Elbow Massage Pad


feature 8: Arthritis Pain Relieving

feature 7: Knee massage Pad

feature 6: Beauty Health Care

feature 5: knee pads for joint pain

feature 4: Leg Massager

feature 3: Elbow Massager

feature 2: Shoulder Massager

feature 12: dropshipping

feature 11: free shipping

feature 10: USB charging

feature 1: Electric Massager


Model Number: Heated Knee Massager

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: CE

Brand Name: DearBeauty

Application: Leg

Electric Knee Massager USB Heating Vibration Infrared Hot Compress Therapy Elbow Shoulder Knee Massage Pad For Joint Pain Relief


Type 1 Blue:




1.Multifunctional heating vibration massage knee pads, red light heating + vibration massage combination, gentle care of your shoulders, elbows and knees.


2.This heated massage shoulder pad is made of high-quality diving fabric, light and soft, good elasticity, comfortable to touch, not easy to pilling, and easy to carry.


3.It can be used for warmth and hot compress therapy, which can effectively relieve muscle soreness and cramps, relax muscles, reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and promote blood circulation.


4.Heating massage two-in-one, 3-level heating ,three vibration modes for you to choose. You can enjoy both functions at the same time or separately.


5.USB charging: The built-in 5000mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere.


6.Equipped with digital display controller, touch screen key design, panel display temperature and gear, you can use the controller to control the temperature and vibration mode, the operation is simple and convenient.


7.Anti-accidental touch function: When you are using the product, you can turn on the anti-accidental touch mode to lock the control panel to avoid accidentally touching the keys.




Material: diving material

color: blue

Working voltage: 5V

Working current (heating the highest grade): 1850mA

Charging time: 2-3H

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Battery life:

Massage (top grade): 14.2h

Heating (highest grade): 140-160Min

Massage + heating (highest grade): 100-120Min

Product net weight: 320g

Knee pads: 72*23cm

Long strap: 67*5cm

Short strap: 60*5cm

Packing size: 24*6*15cm



Packing List:

1* Knee Pad

1* Long Strap

1* Short Strap

1* Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

1* Packing Box

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