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Nail Dehydrator & Nail Primer Bonder & Primer For Gel Nail Polish

Nail Dehydrator & Nail Primer Bonder & Primer For Gel Nail Polish

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Volume: 1000 ml


Number of Pieces: COMBO

Bullet Points:
1、Basis : Nail prepping is the most important step in all design. Nail dehydrator and nail primer helps for you to do a easy, clean, beautiful, charming, durable and long lasting design.
2、Balance and Prevent : Nail prep is perfect to reduce nail oil to create a strong foundation!
3、Importance of Primer: The biggest difference between a nail dehydrator and a nail primer, is that a nail primer can be used as a base coat to your manicure. A nail dehydrator is placed on your natural nail before anything else and creates a surface that nail polish and acrylic nails can easily bind to, after that is when a nail primer is put on.
4、Prevent Lifting: When used together high-quality products will prevent lifting and provide nails with the etch to help adhere to the natural nail bed surface.
5、For Maximum Adhesion: The most important step in any professional artificial nail application is the preparation of the nail plate and to create a foundation. Use this set to have the set the foundation for great nails!

Specification: Capacity: 15ml (0.5oz)

Packing List:
Primer Bonder*1
Nail Prep Dehydrate*1
Primer (Acrylic Powder)*1


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