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Glaze And Starry Sky Series Ceramic Tableware European-style

Glaze And Starry Sky Series Ceramic Tableware European-style

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Type: porcelain,Bowls,solid,starry sky


Shape: Round

Scope of application: microwave oven oven disinfection cabinet dishwasher

Process: kiln glaze



Material: Ceramic

Material: ceramic

Function 1: Ceramic salad bowl

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Brand Name: Aleekit

Glaze And Starry Sky Series Ceramic Tableware European-style Retro Tableware Fruit Salad Bowl And Plate Household Tableware


Name: Star Sea Kiln tableware

Material: ceramic

Process: kiln glaze

Scope of application: microwave oven/oven/disinfection cabinet/dishwasher


1. The porcelain is fine and shiny. The glaze is made by hand. It is tough and soft as jade.

2. The beauty that can't be reproduced by the kiln change process: With the kiln change glaze process, each shape presents different texture and texture, and can be directly contacted with food, so it is safe to use.

3. Multiple device types match to meet your different needs. Bowls, plates and dishes of different sizes are available. Keep it for your own use or give it to others.

4. High-temperature fired porcelain, which can be steamed and baked, can be microwave: The ceramic made from high temperature can be put into microwave oven and oven for use if it is hard

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