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Gel For Quick Nail Extension

Gel For Quick Nail Extension

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Single bottle size: 3.3 9.7cm

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Name: Extension adhesive

Color scheme: purple gold blue

Color: 4 colors available

For Quick Extension Extension Set Glu Nail Oil Nail Art 10 Pieces/set Of Mini Beauty Nail Glu


Name: Extension adhesive

Single bottle size: 3.3 * 9.7cm

Color: 4 colors available

Color scheme: purple, gold, blue


1. Rapid expansion: four basic gel colors provide the basis for various gel polishing colors, and attach accurate color labels on the tubes to obtain better use experience.

2. Set includes: 4 colors of gel, each 0.53 oz (15g)+topcoat and undercoat+nail enhancement set. Basic gel nail set, enjoy nail art in your own home comfortably!

3. Non toxic: It has a lower odor than traditional nail polish. All ingredients are safe and non-toxic, without irritating ingredients

4. Long term use: if the nail bed is properly prepared, and the primer is applied under the gel, it will last for about 4 weeks. If there are any issues, please send us an Amazon message and we will solve them!

Package Included:

4 pieces * extended adhesive

1 bottle of clean water

1 * phototherapy pen

12pcs * nail plate

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