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32 Color Mica Powder Resin Filler Pearlescent Powder Coloring DIY Tools Nail Art Decoration

32 Color Mica Powder Resin Filler Pearlescent Powder Coloring DIY Tools Nail Art Decoration

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Quantity: 15/20/32pcs


Product Features: Jewelry Making Accessories


Number of Pieces: COMBO

NET WT: 5g/10g

Model Number: Epoxy Resin Pigment

Material: Mica Powder

Item Type: Nail Glitter

Feature 7: Nail making

Feature 6: Making nail

Feature 5: Handmade soap making

Feature 4: Pigment powder nails

Feature 3: Pigment nail

Feature 2: Powder nail

Feature 1: Art nail

Brand Name: Biutee

Mica Powder Pigment Epoxy Resin 32 Colors Glitter Pearl Powder for Soap Making Dye Soap Colorant Makeup Eyeshadow



1. Melt & Pour Soap : You can mix straight into your melted soap or mix and 1 teaspoon of colorant with 1 tablespoon of isopropyl alcohol or glycerin.

2. Bath Bombs : Always make your bath bombs with polysorbate 80 to prevent colorant from staining your bath tub.

3. Nail Polish : Mix 2-3% of the total weight of the polish to get full opaque result, or start from 0.1% to get semi-transparent look!

4. Resin Epoxy : Mix into the hardener to prevent colorant from clumping. To achieve full opaque color, we recommend using 2-3% of colorant by weight to total combined and hardener mixture.

5. Pigment Powder for Slime : Slime is an amazing science that kids love to skin their hands into. Make your own slime, stand out and shimmer with rainbow and metallic pigment shades.

6. Painting : You can mix mica powder right into oil paint and acrylic paint to bring your painting to life.

7. Candles Making : Mica powder itself is not flammable, so used to make candles can not be added too much, it is recommended to add only 1-2%, and then to stir evenly.


Type: Mica Powder

Material: Natural Mica Mineral

15/20 Colors Available:10g/0.35oz/bottle

32 Colors :5g/0.18oz/bottle

Color:Royal Golden, Bright Red, Jade Green, Fantasy Purple, Pearl Red, Bright Golden, Fantasy Purplish, Shining Red Bronze, Titanium Green, Solid Purple, Copper Golden, Fantasy Yellow, Orange, Rose Red, Greenish Blue, Grass Green, Lake Blue, Brown Green, Reddish Golden, Fine Satin Silver White, Peach Pink, Satin Wine Red, Blue, Coffee Color, Blackish Green, Bronze, Sunshine Golden, Shining Pearl White, Darker Blue, Satin Mauve, Silver Black, Apple Green


Question: How well do the sepowders work with polymerclay?
Answer: It works really well with polymer clay.

Question: Can this be used to make lip gloss ?
Answer: Yes, but it is different skin react to the different pigments

Question: Can I mix these with Gum Arabic and make watercolors? Are the shimmery?
Answer: Yes. It will be very beautiful.

Question: How many bars of soap could you make from one container?
Answer: It depends on how deep you want the color. For a moderately deep color I use half the bottle. For a lighter color about 1/4 of the bottle.

Question: What are the ingredients? There is no mention of how each color is made.
Answer: It is extracted from the mineral mica.

Question: Can it be use in scrubs ?
Answer: Bath, scrubs, lotions, soaps. Can be used in it all.

Question:How much is in each container?
Answer: The 15/20 colors is about 10g ,the 32 colors about 5 grams per color .

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